Who is Xyngular Team Nitro™?

Our mission is simple:

"To expand a global business - by teaching and developing leaders worldwide - who can in-turn help change the lives of many through financial prosperity."

We truly believe that Network Marketing is the BEST business model today! Why?  Because it pushes people to learn new life skills, build new and inspiring life long relationships and achieve their obtainable goals through personal growth.  It promotes a life-fulfilling lifestyle that many - through financial stability, can help to make positive change in the world.

Our mission is to find motivated individuals who are up for a challenge to better their life! We are seeking both established networkers and also people who may have NEVER even done network marketing before, or never had any success in the industry before.  Most people have never had the proper training and mentoring to help them make it to the top - this is where TEAM NITRO comes in. We look for people that are on a path of personal growth and have a burning desire to succeed. 

These people are typically coachable individuals that are open to new ways of thinking and can demonstrate the proper approach to network marketing. Through this Xyngular opportunity, we believe thousands will change the lives of their families. Timing is key and the time is NOW! Get started today!

Why did we join Xyngular?

Timing is to Network Marketing, what location is to real estate.  If you get positioned infront of the wave, this is when huge money is made.  We are industry professionals who for the last 8+ years have been blessed by this business model. Here are the 8 reasons why we chose Xyngular.

#1. Management Team - The management team of Xyngular has over 100 years of combined experience in MLM, network marketing and direct sales - It takes more than a GREAT idea to start a company! Management with EXPERIENCE is the key.

#2. Track Record - We avoid hype and empty promises, rather focused on track records. Marc Walker has taken XanGo and NuSkin to $500 million in annual internatoinal sales.

#3. Financial Stability - Xyngular is financially backed by a 16 year old solid business with a backbone and infrastructure that is solid.  That company is already in over 30 countries internationally. Branding is amazing, product is stocked, checks shipped within 2 days and there is a solid (IT) infrastructure.

#4. Mass Market Mass Appeal Products - The Xyngular products are mass market mass appeal products that are highly consumable Lets face it! There are many "juice" companies out there! They are ALL great, however they don't have the secret weapon! That is ultimate weight loss!

#5. Products that WORK - Xyngular continues to have amazing testimonials come in every single day. The products work beyond a shadow of a doubt.

#6. Systems For Duplication - Xyngular Team Nitro has put together an online presentation system that allows you to recruit in your sleep.

#7. Comp Plan - The Average Person Can Make Money - This is very important.  Brand new people that have never been in Network Marketing are having success with Xyngular. Must be long lasting, unstructured and not top heavy! A "single line" with global profit pool sharing is unreal! No more small legs, title based qualifications, etc.

#8. Training Available - Xyngular provides ongoing training and support.

Xyngular offers amazing products. Product driven company! We offer the BEST Weight Loss, Energy and Nutrition Products! 30 day money back guarantee. Unmatched Comp Plan based on12% Corporate global profit pools,  8 level residual income,  4 level rapid rewards, single line structure. First Class Leadership. This is the # 1 key to success. Our team is duplicating the fastest because of our proven system that works and creates leaders.

Darren Little, MLM Superhero and Xyngular Team Nitro Global Team Leader.

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  Darren Little
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  Phone - 604-771-1901
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